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Virtual Showcase

Louisiana - Then and Now

A Celebration of 200 years of Statehood: 1812-2012

To engage all students in the birthday celebration of Louisiana's 200th year of statehood, Grades k-6 participated in  a project containing unit plans and resources.  These units reflect the theme of the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood.   This four week project began April 23 and lasted through May 18 ending with the project showcase and school class contest. April 30, 2012 marked Louisiana's Bicentennial birthday and special activities were planned to mark this occasion.  District students participated in standards-based, rigorous activities and created many artifacts during this four week period.  Sit back and enjoy browsing some of these many artifacts featured in our virtual showcase.   

Photo Gallery

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 Grades K-1   Family Life    

 My Family

 Cooking in My Family 


 Science & Social Studies      

 Grades 2-3  Community Life    
 Our State Symbols             LA Parishes, Cities and Landmarks          Science and Social Studies  Lagniappe     
 Grades 4-6  Culture    
 Food and Festivals  Weather  Art and Music           Lagniappe

Video Gallery


 Grades K-1      
 Louisiana Habitats  Chef Creole  Family Tree   Louisiana Birthday Math
 It's Monday in Louisiana        Louisiana Kindergarten Activities               
 Grades 2-3      
 LA Unit Guiding Question          Students Teach Louisiana Facts           Hurricane PSA               Weather PSA
 Animal State Symbols  Grandparent Interviews    
 Grades 4-6      
 Oil Spill Clean Up  Coastline Erosion  Doppler Art  Louisiana Play
 LA Music Hall of Fame      
 Project Feedback      
 Student  Teacher