MCS Pre-K Round-Up Scheduled!

MCS Pre-K Round-Up Scheduled!
Posted on 02/26/2018
Pre-K Roundup

The Common Application Period for Pre-K (Pre-K Round-up) will be March 5-March 9, 2018


Parent must have the following items for a completed application:

  1. Birth certificate - Your child MUST be 4 years old by September 30, 2017 to qualify
  2. Social security card
  3. Shot record
  4. Two proofs of residence (no cell phone bills)
  5. Completed application (fill out on site)
  6. Income verification; ONE of the following:
    Two (2) consecutive check stubs for EACH PARENT or CAREGIVER IN THE HOUSEHOLD for the current year (within 2 months from the date of filling out this application.)

If you work less than 40 hours/week, you must have a signed letter from your employer stating this and your average number of hours worked.


An official letter signed from your employer stating all of the following:

·         Where parent/guardian is employed

·         Hourly rate of pay

·         the average number of hours parent/guardian works per week. 

Please note:    

  •       SNAP/Food Stamps – must include the child’s name and valid effective dates. This can be a print out from LACAFE
  •       A statement from the Social Security Administration verifying that the child listed on the application is a recipient of SSI benefits, which must be accompanied by two current check stubs.
  •       Current foster care placement agreement from DCFS
  •       Parents who are homeless or unemployed must submit a letter of support from support source.  (Verification from School system liaison is acceptable)