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 Program Director/Coordinator Phone Number

21st Century Community Learning

Patricia Johnson 

318-387-6511, x5007

Accountability Cassie Owens 318-325-0601, x3010
Accounting Davona Howard  318-325-0601, x3032
Accounts Payable James Kelley  318-325-0601, x3033
Administrative/Central Office Laura Jacobs 318-325-0601, x3003
Adult Education Sam Moore, III 318-325-0601, x5017
Believe and Prepare Serena White
318-325-0601, x3030
Business Davona Howard 318-325-0601, x3032
Career and Technical Education Matt Dickerson 318-325-0601, x5018
Carmel Hill Margie Godwin  318-325-0601, x5026
Certification Reshemah Williams   318-325-0601, x3007    
Curriculum and Instruction

Serena White
Cassie Owens
Jacqueline Matthews
318-325-0601, x3030
318-325-0601, x3010
318-325-0601, x5011
Custodial Services Brian Spencer 318-325-0601, x3065
Data Sharing Jodie Moorhead
318-325-0601, x5402
Early Childhood Jacqueline Matthews 318-387-6511, x5011
Early Childhood (Special Services) Robin Cohenour  318-388-3747, x5210
  Jacqueline Matthews
318-388-3747, x5011
Elementary Education

318-325-0601, x3065
Federal Programs Sallie Sutherland 318-325-0601, x5206
Gifted/Talented Janet Maxwell  318-388-3747, x5229
Heating Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Buddy Moore 318-325-0601, x3055
Human Resources Director Dr. Phedra Brantley 318-325-0601, x3099
Human Resources Supervisor Whitney Martin  318-325-0601, x3016
Insurance Fred Atkins  318-325-0601, x3017
Instructional Support Services Sallie Sutherland 318-387-6511, x5206
Instructional Technology Jodie Moorhead  318-325-0601, x5402
Libraries Margie Godwin  318-325-0601, x5026
LIFT Center Linda Williams  318-387-6511, x5002
Maintenance Charles Monroe  318-325-0601, x3035
Management Information Systems Darren Ducote 318-325-0601, x3048
Music Program

Payroll Kandy Mullins 318-325-0601, x3025
Personnel Whitney Martin  318-325-0601, x3016
Print Shop Joseph Jones  318-387-6511, x5009
Pupil Appraisal Debra Wesley 318-388-3747, x5236
Purchasing James Kelley  318-325-0601, x3034
Retirement Althea Shaw  318-325-0601, x3006
S - Z
School Food Services Stephanie Weaver  318-325-0601, x3069
Secondary Education 

Cassie Owens
Sam Moore, III
318-325-0601, x3010
318-325-0601, x5017
Section 504 Sallie Sutherland  318-388-3747, x5206
Special Education Sallie Sutherland   318-388-3747, x5206
Strategic Initiatives Director Cassie Owens   318-325-0601, x3010
Student Support Services Sallie Sutherland 318-387-6511, x5206
Supervisor of Student Behavior Management Sam Moore, III 318-325-0601, x5017
Teacher Candidate Residencies Serena White
318-325-0601, x3030
Testing Cassie Owens 318-325-0601, x3010

Title I Sallie Sutherland 
318-325-0601, x5206
318-812-3998, x3038
Warehouse Ramona Goldsmith  318-325-0601, x3027 
Webmaster Jodie Moorhead 318-325-0601, x5402

318-325-0601, x5017
318-325-0601, x5017