Welcome to Monroe City School System!


Foundation for the Future – Building Today for Tomorrow!

Monroe City School System is having a great 2017-2018 school year!  And we are very excited about what is going to happen in the future!

Professional Development

Our teachers and principals are working very hard to better themselves in an effort to provide our students with the best educational practices and environment.  We recently had four principals complete the Principal Fellowship Cohort.  It is with distinguished honor we recognize Jennifer Armstrong-Harris, Brian Bush, Lissa Dumas, and Mary Dewitt (in photo below, l to r) as graduates of Louisiana's Cohort 2 NISL Principal Fellowship Program. This unrivaled program has been proven to strengthen the instructional leadership of aspiring and current leaders, and raise student achievement across districts and states.  We appreciate their commitment to this year-long program.

Principals who completed Principal Cohort

As a district, our teachers are involved in Teacher Leader Summits, Literacy Design Collaborative, Math Design Collaborative, STEM training, and much more.  We are striving to be cutting edge when it comes to the education of our students.

We are now a Google Classroom district!  We are using the program to provide our students a 21st century collaborative environment that prepares them for real-world teamwork, as well as facilitate computer-literacy and comfort.  We look forward to the phenomenal things we will be able to accomplish using this program, not just within the schools but across the district!

Building for the Future

As part of the bond referendum that was passed several years ago, we are building for the future of the district and the city.  We have several major projects going on that will provide our students and athletes with state of the art facilities in which to learn and grow.  We have invested in infrastructure projects that bring our buildings up to modern standards for heating, air, and water, which allows the district to be more energy efficient.  We have modernized our restrooms throughout the district, too!

The district broke ground on September 28 for the CHS Medical Magnet Facility.  The $1M project will further enhance the Medical Magnet Program and serve as a draw from the community and the entire district.

Projects already in progress are feature below.

Barbara T. Bonner Music Arts Center