Child Nutrition Program


The primary objective of the child nutrition program is to make available to every student a nutritious, well-prepared and attractive lunch every day. A complete breakfast is offered every morning from 7:15 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. at all schools. Service times will vary according to each school's operational hours.

The Child Nutrition Department operates 19 cafeteria sites and serves approximately 6700 lunches and 4,000 breakfasts each day. The meals provided are in compliance with USDA Regulations and meet the school meal initiative requirement. All meals meet the standards as provided in federal, state, and local laws and/or rules and regulations. We are now following the Meal Pattern. Menu patterns are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and amounts of sugar, sodium and fat are controlled.

Monroe City School Community Eligibility Provision Media Release

Meal Prices


No Cost for Students Only
$1.00 for Staff
$2.00 for visitors


No Cost for Students Only
$1.75 for Staff
$3.00 for visitors

Parents are encouraged to eat a meal when visiting the schools. The meal pattern for lunch is: one serving of meat, one of bread, one of fruit, one of vegetable and one of milk.

Special Diets

Any changes to the regular school meal for medical or special dietary reasons must be appropriately documented. Either a physician's statement or a diet prescription that includes what necessary diet changes or modifications are to be made is required to modify the student's meal pattern. This information shall be kept in the cafeteria manager's office and the SFA central office. Statements from parents stating a student's allergy to milk or other items will not be accepted.

Stephanie Weaver, Child Nutrition Program Supervisor, x3069