Office of Instructional Support

2009 Auburn Avenue 
Monroe, LA 71201 

Phone: 318-387-6511
Fax: 318-325-6094


The Division of Instructional Support Services for Monroe City Schools works to improve, assist, and support classroom instruction for improved student achievement. Within the division are departments that support curriculum and instruction, technology integration, after-school and during school tutoring programs, and grant programs for safety in schools and increasing the number of students entering post-secondary education. 


  • Accountability: Oversees and supports the administration of standardized testing
  • After Hour Programs: Provides a variety of educational programs and resources that support academic goals
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Provides instructional support and feedback for classroom teachers in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Grants Management: Initiates and oversees competitive grants that support instruction
  • Instructional Technology: Provides the resources and professional development necessary to ensure successful technology integration into the curriculum
  • Library Program: Provides up-to-date information resources to students and teachers
  • Parental Involvement: Provides support to families in instructional help for enhancing learning at home as well as providing a program of truancy prevention
  • Print Shop: Provides the school district with all printed instructional and non-instructional materials. This department assists all administrators, supervisors and other appropriate personnel with implementation of their work as related to the print shop