Curriculum and Instruction

"How well a school system works depends, in large part, on how well it aligns curriculum and assessment with standards throughout the district. In practical terms, this means that for students to succeed, they should be taught what they are expected to learn and assessed on what they are taught." - Rebecca Burns, Curriculum Mapping

The Louisiana Department of Education has initiated a program of Teacher Leaders to be located in each school. These are teachers who will work with their fellow faculty members to provide students with the best possible educational experiences. Teacher Leaders will lead and work closely with the faculties of their schools to engage in many processes and services, such as:

  • Provide instructional support and feedback for classroom teachers in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Create Scope, Sequence, and Timelines for ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and monitor the intended implementation of these curriculum documents
  • Assist teachers with the transition to implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • Create Benchmark Assessments for ELA, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies that are aligned to the LDE Standards, Benchmarks, and GLEs
  • Monitor student progress through the use of Achievement Series and EAGLE and provide assistance in analyzing the data for improved instruction and student achievement
  • Examine assessment data to determine areas of strength and weakness and create action plans to address weaknesses
  • Work with teachers to create Student Learning Targets (SLTs) in conjunction with the implementation of COMPASS
  • Facilitate high quality staff development through the Math Science Partnership program