Louisiana - Then and Now


The teachers and students had so much fun learning about Louisiana last year that we are making the project available again this year. Below are links to the unit plans and resources as well as the Virtual Museum that showcases the products made by the students.

A Celebration of 200 years of Statehood: 1812-2012

To engage all students in the birthday celebration of Louisiana's 200th year of statehood a project containing unit plans and resources is presented to grades K-6. These units reflect the theme of the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood and are standards-based, rigorous activities to involve students in learning about this event. This four week project begins April 23 and lasts through May 18 ending with the project showcase and school class contest. April 30, 2012 marks Louisiana's Bicentennial birthday and special activities are planned to mark this occasion. Join in the fun and learn more about the history of our wonderful state of Louisiana!

Unit Plans