Happy Birthday LA

Happy Birthday, Louisiana Suggested Activities

Monday, April 30th, 2012 will be the Bicentennial Birthday of the Statehood of Louisiana.  Please plan activities for your classes on this day in the fashion of a birthday party.  Below is a list of suggested activities.  To make these activities more fun you can have contests (best cake, best card, best balloon, etc.  Let the students vote and choose the winners.)

Any of these activities can be used as an assessment. 

Design a Birthday Cake:  Students are divided into groups.  Each group will be given the printed Happy Birthday Cake poster (Publisher template).  Groups will cut out the cake and glue the poster together.  (This could be a cross-curricular activity and students could decorate their cakes in both math and social studies class.  The students can then use the cakes to decorate the classroom.)

  • Math Activity: Students will mathematically calculate what distance the candles will have to be in order to have 200 candles. They will place the candles on the cake by putting a marker dot where each candle would be placed.
  • Social Studies Activity: Students will decorate the cake by drawing and coloring symbols of Louisiana. Allow students to be very creative during this activity.

Design a Birthday Card:  ELA Activity:  Students will design their own birthday card for Louisiana.  They may add their own poem inside the card and decorate the outside and inside.  They may use Louisiana symbols and if you wish they can decorate with 3-D objects. 

Design Birthday Balloons:  Science Activity:  Students will design balloons for the Louisiana Birthday party.  Designs on the outside of the balloons can be Louisiana scenes, symbols, flag, emblem, or the Louisiana Bicentennial Coin.  There are many of these illustrations in the Louisiana Bicentennial Desk Reference.  Students will choose whether balloons will be filled with regular air or helium and explain why they made the choice. 

Plan a Louisiana Birthday Party

  • Math Activity: Plan a then and now birthday party as a class discussion. The teacher will lead the discussion and assist the class in computing the cost of the party. The teacher can use online resources to discover prices of birthday cakes, food, presents, etc. at the present time. Then the teacher will lead the student in a discussion of what a birthday party would have been like in 1812.
  • Social Studies and/or Science Activity: Students will plan what foods they would eat at a Louisiana Birthday party (use typical Louisiana foods). Then using the nutrition guide, Choose My Plate (http://www.choosemyplate.gov/food-groups/) students will categorize each food. Also students could categorize what culture created the Louisiana food. The teacher will lead the class in discussions of Louisiana foods now and then.

Decorate for the party:  Art activity: Allow students to draw and color symbols of Louisiana and put them up around the room.

Wrap your present for the party:  Each student will be given a sheet of copy paper.  They will design wrapping paper that would be used to wrap presents for this party.  They may use Louisiana scenes, symbols, emblems, flag, or the Louisiana Bicentennial coin.

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