Black Bayou Lake NWR Project

The Black Bayou Lake NWR Project is a collaborative endeavor between Monroe City Schools Instructional Technology and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service/Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Rosemary Dillingham, Instructional Technology Project Facilitator, Joyce Tate, Monroe City Science Specialist, and Emily Rash, Monroe City Math Specialist teamed with Gay Brantley, former Environmental Educator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, to design a multi-curricular and multi-grade level project that focuses on Black Bayou Lake NWR and its wealth of natural resources.

The project debuted April 2005 with approximately 50 lesson plans and activities along with numerous identified resources. It is a credit to all involved that the project continues today. Sincere thanks to all educators who have contributed to the project and have kept it going all this time.

Lesson plans and activities can be accessed from the MCS Instructional Technology Resource Database. You can access a description and link to all lessons by clicking in the Black Bayou check box or by conducting a keyword search for lesson plans and activities on specific subjects.

To see why this project is one of our all time favorites, view our collection of photographs.

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