Check-Out Equipment

Although every school has a base set of equipment, it may not be sufficient to meet demands. Every school should have at least:

  • Computer(s) in all classrooms
  • at least one 30 station instructional lab with projector/SMART Board
  • Digital cameras
  • Scanner
  • CPS Chalkboards
  • Digital Video Camera

Since this base set of equipment may not be sufficient to meet teacher demands, Instructional Technology checks-out the equipment listed below to teachers.

  • Digital still and video camera packs
  • CPS (Classroom Performance System) class sets
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) class sets
  • ProScopes
  • Ipods
  • Laptops (for professional use only while atteding conferences, etc.)

For additional information or instructions on checking out equipment, email Jodie Moorhead.