The more you and your colleagues use Office 365 to work together, by viewing, editing and sharingeach other's documents, the more useful Delve will be for all of you. Learnmore about how you as an admin can help users get the most out of Delve.

Delve is powered bythe Office Graph and shows users the most relevant content based on who theywork with and what they’re working on. The information in Delve is tailored toeach user. Delve doesn't change permissions and users will only see what theyalready have access to.

As an admin, you canmake sure that you allow your organization to access the Office Graph, and thatyou have set up other Office 365 services that Delve uses, for instanceSharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. You can also help people getstarted with Delve, and address questions that users might have.

End users