TEC21 Participation Agreement

Participation in TEC21 through Monroe City Schools Instructional Technology is voluntary; however, there are guidelines established that must be followed.

All participants must be proficient in basic computing skills. Download the TEC21 Skills Proficiency Checklist to determine if you meet this requirement. If you do not, you must complete Instructional Technology's Computer Basics workshop prior to attending the first night of TEC21 class.

All participants must attend 6 days of the TEC21 class in which they are enrolled. Absences are unexcused. Participants who miss 1 class due to an emergency will be allowed an opportunity to make it up. Participants who miss 2 classes will be dropped from the program and equipment received (if any) will be returned to Instructional Technology. 

Eligible participants who complete all class requirements will receive a laptop computer, software, and other bonuses for their classroom. If the participant leaves the district, the equipment becomes property of the school. If the participant transfers to another school within the district, the equipment will follow the participant providing all required property transfer forms are completed and submitted to the business office.

If you are taking this class to obtain CLUs, please be advised of the following:

  • All certified personnel are eligible to receive 48 relicensure CLUs.
  • Certified personnel who complete the class project in their content area may receive 48 high-quality CLUs, subject to the approval of the MCS CLU committee.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have taken TEC21 within the last three years, you are not eligible for registration in this course until the entire three year period has passed.  We are trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Read, print  and sign this agreement. You will be prompted via email to submit it along with the TEC21 Skills Proficiency Checklist approximately 2 weeks before the class start date.

______ I have registered for TEC21 on the district CourseWhere site and will be attending the class. I have read the guidelines, understand the requirements, and agree to abide by them as stated. I have completed the TEC21 Skills Proficiency Checklist and meet this requirement or I will complete the Computer Basics workshop prior to the first day of class. I also understand that my participation in the TEC21 class is voluntary and I do so willingly.

______ I have registered for TEC21 on the district CourseWhere but will NOT be attending the TEC21 session. Please remove me from the roster.


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