Technology Enhancing Curriculum in the 21st Century (TEC21)

Every teacher in the state of Louisiana knows COMPASS is here! The evaluation tool focuses on five key components: setting instructional outcomes, managing classroom procedures, questioning and discussion techniques, engaging students in learning, and using assessment in instruction. There are many ways to maximize the educational opportunities for students in these key areas, and this professional development course focuses on ways to help teachers with these key components of COMPASS.

Technology Enhancing Curriculum in the 21st Century is a Professional Development model which focuses on designing a learning environment where people, technology, and global concepts are "Building Tomorrow for Today!" while still preparing teachers for the COMPASS evaluation. This program is one that will create a paradigm shift from the teacher-centered classroom to one in which students are engaged and become creators. By thinking within these margins, teachers are allowing students to interact, engage, and learn in the manner in which maximizes their educational opportunities.

The face to face course consists of five units which are taught over an eight week period for three hours each week. During each class, the instructor will model the effective use of technology tools and resources adopted by the district and engage teachers in activities which model best practices for COMPASS success, Common Core State Standards, and the Framework for 21st Century Learning.

PLEASE NOTE: When registration is opened for a session of TEC21, there is a maximum of fifteen (15) participants per session. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the outreach of this program, no more than two (2) people per school will be allowed to participate on a first come, first served basis. After the first two teachers from a school have registered, the others will be placed on a waiting list, in date/time order. Should the class not fill, which is a rare circumstance, we will begin to fill available spots with the people on the waiting list.

Course Topics:

  • Google Overview/Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms/Quizzes
  • Google Sheets/Flubaroo
  • Google Slides/YouTube/Digital Video
  • Web Tools 2.0

To access TEC21 participation requirements and additional program information, go to the TEC21 Participation Agreement page.