Parents' Rights

Parents’ Rights Under NCLB

Parents play a significant part in their children's education. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) gives parents many new rights relating to their child's education and requires schools to involve parents in meaningful ways. 

You have the right to:

Learn about Your Child's School 
Under NCLB, schools and school districts are required to send home a report card that tells how well students at the school and in the district are doing. School and district report cards must be easy to understand and available in different languages. In MCS, school report cards are sent home through the mail or with students when available and may be viewed online at the Louisiana Department of Education web site.


Know Your Child's Teachers 
Under NCLB, parents have the right to request information about the quality o/your child's teachers. Teachers in core subjects must be "highly qualified," meaning they have a Bachelor's degree or higher, a teacher's license, and knowledge and skills in the subject they will be teaching. If your child has a teacher who is not highly qualified for more than four weeks in a row, the school must let you know. You can also ask for information about a teacher's qualifications at any time; you may have to ask in writing. 

Support Your Child's Education 
Under NCLB, every school must have a school/home/parent compact. The school/home/student compact describes what the school and teachers will do to help students learn. The compact will also include a section that describes what parents and students are expected to do. Use it as a guide for your role in supporting your child's education. In MCS, the school/home/student compact is sent home for parents to sign at the beginning of the school year. 

Have a Voice at Your Child's School 
Under NCLB, every school and district must have a written Parental Involvement Policy that describes how parents will be involved as partners in their child's education. Parents must be involved in writing the policy. In MCS, every school is required to have a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). PACs give you a voice in what happens at your child's school. Every parent is a member of their child's school's PAC, but it helps to be an active member. Call your child's school for more information. For information regarding the district's PAC, please call 387-6511, x5017 and ask for the Parent Involvement Coordinator.