Employee Benefits, Workman’s Compensation, Investment Opportunities  

Fred Atkins, Insurance Coordinator, x3017

This program is coordinated by the Risk Management/Insurance Specialist who coordinates all group health insurance, employee life insurance, disability insurance, workers’ compensation benefits, and oversees investment options which includes 403b programs as well as the tax-sheltered payroll deduction plans offered through the school board.

Health Plans
Monroe City Schools is committed to providing its employees with a comprehensive health plan. All health insurance plans are administered by the Office of Group Benefits located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The four plans offered are PPO (Office of Group Benefits), EPO (United Health Care), Medical Home HMO (Vantage), and HMO (Humana). Monroe City Schools pays approximately seventy-five percent (75%) of the total premium for the employee’s health insurance coverage and the employee pays the remaining twenty-five percent(25%). The employee may select the health plan that best meets the need of his/her family.

Monroe City Schools also offers a Section 125 program which allows the employee to have these health plan premiums (along with other qualified supplemental insurances) deducted from their gross earnings before taxes are calculated. This benefit allows employees to pay fewer taxes on their monthly gross earnings. 

Supplemental Insurance Plans
Monroe City Schools offers several supplemental insurance plans to meet the needs of its employees. These supplemental plans include: Dental, Vision, Disability, Cancer, Supplemental Health, Heart and Stroke, and various term and whole life insurance policies. 

Among the life insurance plans available is a group term life policy, which is underwritten by Prudential Life Insurance Company. MCS shares the cost of this term life insurance plan by paying fifty-percent (50%) of the premium and the employee paying the remaining fifty-percent (50%). This policy is based on the employee’s yearly salary. MCS also offers an employee paid term life insurance plan through MetLife Insurance Company, which has a guaranteed issue amount up to $100,000 for all newly hired employees with no health questions. This life insurance policy is based on the employee’s age. 

Retirement & Investments (403b plans)
In addition to the mandatory retirement contributions to Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (LSERS) and Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL), Monroe City Schools offers tax sheltered annuities as another savings options. Currently, there are three (3) companies with active payroll slots – Horace Mann, ING, and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest-LSW. For more information regarding these tax-sheltered annuities, contact the following representatives:


Horace Mann    

Kelsi Guidry

(318) 935-0715


George Williams

(318) 345-1400


Melvin Conway
Ezzard Burton
Roger Walker

(318) 325-9980
(318) 680-9057
(318) 372-0170