Credit Recovery

Monroe City Schools offers a comprehensive credit recovery program that allows students who have not received credit for semesters of work to retake the portions of classes in which they were unsuccessful. If the student’s attendance meets state requirements during the completion of the unsuccessful course, the minimum number of educational minutes will be waived. 

Students participating in the credit recovery program are taught by a certified teacher using A+ E-Learning System and receive Carnegie units towards graduation for successful completion of the program. The software is aligned with both the state content standards and the Monroe City Schools Scope and Sequence to maximize the learning potential for the students.

In order to receive final credit, students in the credit recovery program must take and pass a comprehensive exam approved by the state Department of Education or successfully complete the course requirements for a computer-based recovery program as approved by the Department of Education.

To see what programs are available at each high school, please contact the school Guidance Counselor.