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Governor Edwards has stated after sustained improvement across the state in new cases, test positivity, and hospitalizations, the lifting of the state mask mandate in all settings except for K-12 schools, which may opt out if they had continued to follow implementing existing CDC quarantine guidance.  Monroe City Schools has continuously followed the CDC guidelines throughout the current mask mandate.  The governor also stated with COVID 19 infections and hospitalization are at some of their lowest levels since the pandemic began, he wanted to give local school districts the option to either wear a mask or quarantining. He stated to go maskless, schools must follow the quarantine recommendations issued by the CDC.  Monroe City Schools has followed the CDC guidelines through the entire process, and will continue to do so.

With that said, MCS believes that at this point, we continue to follow the CDC guidelines along with the governor's recommendations thus moving to masks as optional for all staff and students.  Transportation will still be required to wear a mask on the bus due to masks are a federal mandate on public transportation. That mandate is in effect till January 4th, 2022.  

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All Monroe City School students who select virtual learning will be under the direction of the Monroe City Schools Online Academy.  The Online Academy is led by Dr. Mary Ann Barham.  She may be contacted at 318-325-0601, ext. 2304.


The students are participating in the educational platform provided by Edgenuity. 


The school admission is closed at this time, but you can watch the main MCS website for more information should it become available.

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