Clip Art

Clip Art and Graphics

Classroom Clipart
free clipart, clip art illustrations, animations and photographs

KidsClick Image Search
kid's image search tools

Civil War Clip Art
a gallery of Civil War pictures and related items

Clip Art for Students and Teachers
links to clip art and font sites for teachers

Clip Art Connection
clip art, animations, fonts, and ideas and tips on how to use them in your documents

Clip Art Warehouse
thousands of clip-art images and most are totally free

Clips Ahoy: School Clip Art
hundreds of graphics divided by categories such as graduation, math, history, buses, desks, apples, etc.

Cool Archive Free Clip Art and Fonts
clip art, fonts, graphics, icons, animators, applications

Country Clip Art
original country art by Lisa

Cyberbee's Clip Art
lots of cute school related art

Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery
hundreds of original clip art pieces, including animations plus instructions on how to save online graphics and insert them into documents

Free Clip Art for Kids
icons and graphics for kids

Free Fonts for Teachers
fonts that mimic the style of type used to teach print and cursive handwriting skills plus links to other sites for school-related fonts

Google Image Search
the most comprehensive site on the Web, with more than 150 million images

Microsoft Design Gallery Live
searchable database of clip art as well as tips for inserting graphics in Microsoft applications

Teacher Files
the best educational clip art images from the web - images have been obtained from copyright free clip art sites

Whole Internet Guide to Clip Art
huge resource page with links to hundreds of sites