Constitution Week

Constitution Day
September 17


Public Law 108-447 signed by President Bush in 2005, requires all educational institutions that receive federal funds to teach the U.S. Constitution on September 17. Below are resources that will assist teachers and students in their efforts to teach and learn more about the United States Constitution. 

Constitution Day Resources 

Annenberg Classroom
Annenberg Classroom has created classroom-ready digital resources to help schools celebrate Constitution Day.

Constitution Day (Sept. 17) 
Starting with the school year 2005, most U.S. schools must recognize Constitution Day (September 17) -- but how schools do that has been left up to them. To make the task easy, Education World has gathered dozens of resources and lesson ideas that provide the tools any educator will need to recognize Constitution Day this year and in years to come.

America's Freedom Documents 
Ten more lesson plans for teaching about three important freedom documents -- the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Included: Creating time lines and posters, writing new amendments, much more.

Free materials and geared mostly to K-8 but some 9-12 resources can be found here, too.

Teach the First Amendment
Resources including lesson plans, Internet sites, and quizes

Democracy in America 
features lectures and historical footage to illustrate constitutional ideals. Programs cover individual liberties, the modern Presidency, the courts, the media, elections, global politics, and more. Find related readings on the series Web site.

Biography of America 
Learn about the beginnings of the U.S. Constitution in "A New System of Government," Program 5 of "A Biography of America"

Constitution Day, Inc.
Find resources which include a video in Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats.

Get good resources and even a free copy of a booklet of interesting facts about the Constitution.

The Bill of Rights Institute
More free resources are available here.



Teaching with Documents: Observing Constitution Day


National Endowment for the Humanities


Constitutional Rights Foundation


Constitution Day is Every Day at the Federal Courts


Center for Civic Education


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