Foreign Language

Center For Applied Linguistics
a private non-profit organization that applies research and information about language and culture to educational, cultural, and social concerns

Foreign Language for Travelers
sound files for basic words and phrases in a variety of languages

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
list of educational resources for teachers of Spanish and other foreign languages - includes lesson plans, teacher resources, and museums...

FLTEACH (Foreign Language Teaching Forum)
foreign language teaching methods including school/college articulation, training of student teachers, classroom activities, curriculum, and syllabus design

Comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. Whether you're looking for online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools, or just a little information on a language you've heard about, the HLP probably has something to suit your needs.

introductory language lessons with dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, and culture modules - sound files aide pronunciation

Language Links
Materials for use by teachers and learners of languages. Includes "Teaching with the Web" that uses the materials found in Language Links and other WWW sites. Additional resources for language learning also provided.

Latin Language and Literature
links to translating dictionaries, multilingual dictionaries, study aids, traveler's guides, literature, etc.

Online Language Dictionaries and Translators
Links provided in the hope of all people developing a better understanding of others through the use of language. We have attempted to place as many online dictionaries at your disposal as possible.

Say Hello to the World Project
If you wanted to say hello to everybody in the world, how many people would that be and how many languages would you have to learn? At least 2,796 languages and say hello to 5,720,000,000 people!

Study Abroad
listings for thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
comprehensive resource list in French and English

Tennessee Bob's Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures
comprehensive resource list

UCLA Language Materials Project
More than 11,000 citations covering over 900 languages - provides bibliographic references for language teaching materials for the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)

Virtual Tourist 
an online resource where people could gather to share experiences, interact and gain travel insights from others like themselves

Yahoo Languages
resource list from Yahoo