Health & PE

Aetna InteliHealth
condition-specific Health Zones--featuring the Johns Hopkins Encyclopedia

American Heart Association
information and resources from the AHA, the largest voluntary health organization fighting heart disease and stroke

American Red Cross
take a virtual tour of the organization, including its history and services or latest disaster information

Benny Goodsport
all kinds of fun health activities, games and links

Bodies in Motion...Minds at Rest
designed to improve your health, both physically and mentally - learn what you can do to get in good shape and stay that way; how to better yourself as a person and be a good companion; and how to deal with the issues that affect you

Centers for Disease Control
the latest health and safety information available

Colgate Kid's World
fun, games, and facts about oral hygiene

Help make kids aware of drugs and their harmful effects.

Dole Nutrition Newsletter
Newsletter centered on nutrition

FEMA for Kids
learn about what causes disasters, play games and read stories from children who have been through a disaster

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite
your connection to all things fitness, health and nutrition related on the Web, including Kids Fitness link

FDA Kids 
food safety for kids, teens, and educators from the Food and Drug Administration

Focus Adolescent Services
Excellent source for information on harmful substances.

Get Your ANGRIES Out!
developed to give people alternatives to conflict and violence when they are upset - lots of tips on how to deal with the "mads"

Health A to Z
search engine for health and medicine that also includes an index

Health World
a virtual health village where you can access the information, services and products to help design a wellness-based lifestyle

Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses
an extensive ThinkQuest site that wants to make you knowledgeable about viruses

History of Medicine
searchable data base of images as well as a new Frankenstein exhibit

Kid Safety
topics include crime prevention, personal safety, internet safety, kid safety, fire safety, 1st aid and health, and drugs and alcohol

KidsHealth Kids Page
sections include feelings and changes, food and fitness, my health, my body, safety, questions, and fun stuff

Kids Pages for the NIEH (National Inst. of Environmental Health Sciences)
lots of fun and games including science word puzzles and spelling bees, art & poetry gallery, jokes ...

Kids Source Online
in depth and timely education and health care information

Medical Servers
list of WWW medical servers

National Institute on Drug Abuse 
Education resources & materials on drugs of abuse.

National Institutes of Health: Health Information
information on diseases currently under investigation by NIH or NIH-supported scientists, major NIH research areas, and important health-related topics

Poison Prevention
all about poison prevention for young children, includes games and color pages

Sponsored by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI), it is the world's largest resource for current information and materials concerning substance abuse prevention. Don't miss the Kids Room for younger students.

Quit Smoking Support
free support and advice to help you stop smoking

SADD Online
students helping students to resist the consequences of destructive decisions and live safe and happy lives

Shape Up America!
designed to provide you with the latest information about safe weight management, healthy eating, increased activity and physical fitness

WHO (World Health Organization)
searchable database of world-wide health information

Yahoo Kids! Health and Safety Page
resource list for kids