Multi Cultural

Multi-Cultural (Acadian, African-American, Others)


Acadian Memorial
honors the 3,000 men, women, and children who found refuge in Louisiana after British forces exiled them from Acadie

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
everything cajun - alphabetical index included

Great Cajun Cooking
lots of recipes and tips for cooking with a cajun flavor

The Gumbo Pages
nifty stuff about roots and traditional music, noncommercial radio around North America and the world, culinary delights right and left, and just about anything else

African American

African-American History and Culture Manuscripts (Library of Congress)
one of the nation's most valuable manuscript collections for the study of African-American history and culture

The African-American Mosaic
a Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture

African-American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P. Murray Collection
panoramic and eclectic review of African-American history and culture, spanning almost one hundred years

African-American Web Connection
an Afrocentric cyber gateway for the entire family

devoted to African American genealogy, to researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular and to genealogical research and resources in general

Black Baseball's History of the Negro Leagues
the most comprehensive resource on the web for information about the Negro Baseball Leagues

Black Facts Online
the place for black history and information in a searchable database

K-12 Africa Guide

designed to assist K-12 teachers, librarians, and students in locating on-line resources on Africa that can be used in the classroom, for research and studies

KET Black History Sites
links to numerous resources compiled by the Kentucky Educational Television network

NAACP Online
both current and historical information from America's oldest African-American organization

Stamp on Black History
Black History-related stamps that commemorate black men and women who have contributed to America's history and who have made a difference

Universal Black Pages
Developed through the efforts of members of the Black Graduate Students Association at Georgia Tech University, the site is a comprehensive page of pointers to subjects related to "the African Diaspora."


Alaskan Native Knowledge Network
a resource for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing

AskAsia for Educators
information for K-12 Asian studies curricula, the materials and guidance available here can foster an appreciation of Asian culture that will last throughout your students' lifetime

Culture-Quest World Tour Page
join Parsifal and Olivia as they sample the delicious cuisines, play the games, see the museums full of arts, crafts and history, hear the folktales and learn about the holidays & festivals of many of the world's cultures

National Geographic Kids

one of your favorite magazines online

Trail of Tears
saga of the removal of the Cherokee people from their territory