Fun Stuff for Students

Alex's Paper Airplanes 
examples and instructions on how to make paper airplanes and includes an index that ranks designs by difficulty

Anagram Server 
Someone once said, "All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie." Here is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams.

Berenstain Bears
features a slider puzzle, coloring pages, an interactive story, a maze, a secret message to decode, and more

Billy Bear's Playground 
one of the coolest sites for kids - more games and things to do than you can possibly do in one day, including stories to read, sticker games to play with, things to color, and lots more

Cinema 10, Pecanland Mall 
what's playing and show times 
color a picture online

visit the new playground, find out how crayons are made, learn crayola trivia, and more

games, movie review, celebrity interviews, shooting gallery, novels, kidszeens, contests, and more

main page that allows you to link to movies, games, activities, etc.

The Froggy Page 
home to all kinds of virtual frogginess, from the silly to the scientific

How to Draw Cartoon Characters 
how to draw different cartoon characters - in ten easy steps

How to Make a Pop Up
step-by-step instructions on how to turn your favorite picture into a pop up

Internet Movie Database 
the ultimate movie reference source that covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies

IPL Teen Division 
arts and entertainment, teen issues, sports, teen originals, style, and more

official lego site where you can build online, play games, and more

Making FriendsCrafts for Kids 
collection of crafts and ideas for both boys and girls, plus a special section for pre-schoolers, including paper dolls, lizards and bugs, and holiday fun

The Muppets 
go online and on location with Miss Piggy, play Paint the Pig, or download Muppet autographs

online fun from your favorite cable network, including games, TV info, entertainer biographies, etc.

PageWorks Homeland 
art works, animations, magic theater, sound files, and more

PBS Kids 
all your favorite characters from all your favorite shows

Purina Home Page 
pictures and care information on dogs and cats

Sesame Workshop 
online fun with the gang from Sesame Street

fun with Dr. Seuss - Ask the Cat, contests, catalog, and let's play

Thomas The Tank Engine 
click on a destination and off you go with Thomas

Tinsel Town, West Monroe 
ticket and showtime information

Virtual Kite Zoo 
sketches and descriptions of kites of every shape and size, many of them also including historical, anecdotal, allegorical or aeronautical snippets of information